Keep Your Pet Safe from Holiday Dangers

Dr. Courtney Wiegard from Vinton Veterinary Hospital stopped in today to talk about Holiday hazards for your pets and how to keep your furry…

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Natalie talks with lifestyle expert Marc Silverstein who offers tips for choosing the right gift for dad.

Rug, Mattress & Furniture Store

Natalie finds takes a look at this massive furniture in Salem that has a huge selection of home furniture, mattresses and more!

Reid’s Home Furnishings

Natalie finds out the latest trends in home décor from the owner of Reid’s Fine Furnishings.

Freedom First Friday

Natalie finds out about the “leave your bank” campaign from Freedom First

Daytime Dish: Virtual World

Natalie and Lindee try out a new tech gadget that takes them to a virtual world and how to stay safe during shark season.

4 on the Fourth

Natalie talks with Laurie Gibbons about the upcoming “4 on the Fourth” run/walk. For more information or to register go to