Winters Revenge – Wintry Mess Possible For Monday Evening Into Tuesday

This is going to be a sloppy one. Some get rain. Some get ice, Some get snow. A little bit of everything could be coming our way for the second half of Monday. After clear skies dominate through Monday morning, rain begins to advance into Southside just before the evening commute.

There is still uncertainty as to where the rain/snow line (pink) will set up. The further west…the less snow we will see. The further east more snow is on the table for everyone. Stay tuned as we fine tune the forecast.

Most of the snow will fall after midnight and could come down in heavy pockets at times. The pink on the map above represents where sleet and freezing rain could mix in. Below is the expected amount of snow as of 11am on Saturday 3/12.

Most if not all of the precip. will fall as plain rain across Southside. There will still be a chance for some light accumulations there though as the system pulls away from the area changing rain into snow.

The cold will hang on the longest AND the storm will start to intensify as the moisture swings through the Highlands. This is why we have highlighted the area as seeing the most snow locally. 4-8 inches is possible through much of the highlands. A general 2-4 inches is possible across the NRV and Roanoke Valley.

The Tuesday morning commute will likely be impacted…especially where the snow and sleet fall. Here’s the timeline to highlight when impacts will be at their greatest.

Even after the snow shuts off we will still have impacts in the temperature and wind department.

The wind will crank up (30-45mph gusts) Tuesday afternoon as the storm “blows up” over the warm waters of the Atlantic. Unseasonably cold air for March will also rush in behind the system. Highs on Wednesday will likley be held in the 30s with overnight lows in the teens and 20s. For those that get the snow it will be the heavy, wet, cement-like snow.

This forecast still has the potential to change as a wobble in the storm track 25 miles in either direction could be the difference between rain and snow.

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