Roanoke County employee health clinic expands to second location

Marathon Health and Wellness Center North staff.

ROANOKE COUNTY (WSLS 10) – A new health clinic opens on Wednesday for Roanoke County employees. The School Board Administration building will be the new home of the Marathon Health and Wellness Center North.

This will be one of two centers available to eligible school, county, and jail employees and retirees who are part of the group health insurance plan.  This is the first time school employees will have this option.

There is no charge for most of the services and they say they county will save on people not going to see doctors or emergency rooms.  The nurses will be able to help when you are sick or get coach you to better health.

Roanoke County School Assistant Superintendent of Finance Penny Hodge says she has been watching the program over the last few years, since the county employees began using it at the administration building in South Roanoke County. She says having two locations gives all 27 schools access to a clinic.

“We are not just about sick patients and sick visits. We really like to focus more on health and wellness,” said Susan Dittmar, Nurse Practitioner. “Marathon’s focus is to get people to be as healthy and well as they can and that is a benefit that decreases the healthcare costs overall for the client is our goal, to get people engaged, get them coming in, get them exercising, eating better and just keep them healthy.”

They expect limited wait times and you will get more time spent with the staff. On average, Dittmar see about 12 to 15 patients a day and spend at least 30 minutes with them.

The other center will be located in the County Administration building in the southern part of the county.

Marathon has sent welcome packets to the home addresses of eligible employees and retirees with information on both the new school center and the county center as well as how to schedule an appointment online.  The school center will operate on the following schedule:


            Monday/Tuesday                   7am – 6pm

            Wednesday/Thursday             7am – 7pm

            Friday                                   7am – 11am              


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