Roanoke SOL Pass Rates drop in some areas, increase in others

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) – Roanoke City Schools made changes for the upcoming school year after receiving the SOL test results. Roanoke City Schools saw SOL pass rates drop in Writing, History and Social Sciences and Science. Meanwhile, scores increased by one point in Reading and Math.

Superintendent Dr. Rita Bishop says the scores are not a surprise.  She said there were not effective teaching coaches at a couple of schools, so they have since made changes.  New this school year, the middle schools have now have one reading and one writing coach.  Elementary schools now have three reading coaches, up from just one in the 2015-2016 school year. The coaches are central office staff who will coach teachers and other reading and writing specialists at each school.

“We always know why and then the question is what can we do better, what kind of support can we give a school or a group of teachers and it’s that knowing why,” said Dr. Bishop.

Also new this year, a pacing guide for 6-8 grades.  This school year all 8th to 10th graders will have laptops after Roanoke City started a laptop program two years ago. They plan to expand the program again in 2017-2018 so all 8-11th graders will have a laptop.

Data from the Virginia Department of Education:

Division Name Test 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2013-14 Adv 2014-15 Adv 2015-16 Adv
Roanoke City Gr 3 English Reading 67 74 73 15 20 16
Roanoke City Gr 4 English Reading 65 70 74 15 14 15
Roanoke City Gr 5 English Reading 69 76 75 15 22 18
Roanoke City Gr 6 English Reading 66 69 71 17 13 15
Roanoke City Gr 7 English Reading 65 70 73 11 15 12
Roanoke City Gr 8 English Reading 62 64 65 8 7 10
Roanoke City EOC English Reading 79 81 76 5 6 5
Roanoke City Gr 5 Writing 66 18
Roanoke City Gr 8 Writing 55 65 60 15 16 14
Roanoke City EOC Writing 69 79 73 11 21 20

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