Cheryl Beamer opens up about her husband’s retirement

Cheryl Beamer

BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) – Cheryl Beamer says her husband, legendary coach Frank Beamer hasn’t changed since the day she met him.

“He treats his players, his coaches the same way he treats me and his children so there’s no two sides to him. What you see is what you get,” she said.

She’s been by his the 29 years he’s led the Virginia Tech Hokies. She was there when he announced his retirement during a news conference November 2.

“I always knew he’d know when it was time. And he did. I had no input. Shane didn’t. Casey didn’t. It had to be his decision.”

Beamer3She said, he’s at peace with the decision, noting his demeanor at the Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech game last week.

“I watched his demeanor on the sidelines and he didn’t seem near as uptight. So I guess maybe the pressures off because he knows how this is going to end.”

It is a change Cheryl Beamer calls bittersweet.

“There’s never a good time to do it because you don’t want to leave these kids. I mean he loves this group, the coaching staff. That was the hardest part having to tell all of them because he does love them.”

As does she. Cheryl Beamer says the players, the coaches are like family.

“It’s really is tough because Bud Foster and Charlie Wiles are like our children. You know they were with us at Murray State so I feel like they’re our sons.”

Like her husband, Cheryl says she wants the best for them.

“That’s the hard part because it effects so many lives. Sometimes a new head coach will come in and he’ll want to hire his own secretary, his own strength coach. It effects so many people.”

Beamer, a wife and mother says the change has perhaps been hardest for their son, Shane as they finish the season. Two regular season games remain.Beamer fam

“I dread next week,” she said. “That last home game because I think it’s going to be so overwhelmingly emotional. You know it’s been…,” she said holding back tears. “It’s been tough for Shane because that’s all he’s known.

Once he retires, Shane and sister Casey’s children will get to spend more time with their grandfather. It’s something Cheryl says Coach Beamer is looking forward to.

“I could just see us just going to see the grandkids. And like Shane mentioned, wherever he’s going to his games. I was able to do that a lot when he was at GA or South Carolina or Tennessee.
The couple will have more time with each other as well. Coach Beamer shared last week, saying he was looking forward to spending more time with his wonderful wife.

“He may of been lying to you on that,” she joked. “I don’t have a honey do list. He doesn’t like yard work. He doesn’t cook. I told somebody one time it’s like living with Hansel and Gretel. There’s a little trail I can always find him. Be at clothes or cry or whatever. It’ll be fun.

Cheryl says there’s much she’ll miss, especially the people they meet.

“It’s going to be so weird next year well even in the spring when he won’t have spring practice to go to or have to have recruits and parents over and getting to meet all of them. Those things I’ll miss.

Beamer1There will be many things to enjoy that haven’t always been possible during regular seasons.

“There are still some things about it that I probably won’t miss. The long hours and never getting to take a ride in the fall when the trees are turning or rushing on vacation because he had to be back.”

Cheryl says it’s something to look forward to even though you don’t miss the way your life has been for the last 20 some years. Coach Beamer has said he’ll spend much of his time golfing in retirement, but his heart will remain with football.

“I think if an opportunity came up where he could do radio or TV just to still stay around football. He loves golf but that’s not something he’s going to want to do every day.”

“It’s a whole new chapter. So it will be interesting to see where it takes us,” she said.

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