TRADITIONS: Homecoming week at Parry McCluer is all about spirit

BUENA VISTA (WSLS 10) – Every school has its own homecoming traditions, but at Parry McCluer High School, the cheerleaders are in charge.

For years, homecoming has been the squad’s biggest fundraiser, and the girls put a lot of thought into getting spirited.

Spirit week is part of the tradition and students spared no expense going back to the future for 80s day.

“I was excited because no one usually participates as much as they did this year,” Varsity Cheerleader Kelsey Garrett said

Garrett and the rest of the varsity cheerleaders said they thought it was risky business to plan the same old dress up days, so they took a new approach.

Varsity Cheerleader Megan Flint explained, “We decided we wanted to make it a little bit easier and then we wanted to make stuff that was fun and related to our theme of homecoming.”

While the homecoming theme, “Alice in Wonderland,” has nothing to do with the 80s, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to look pretty in pink. Even teachers got excited about this one.

Teacher Andy Coffey said, “I think they were kind of shocked because they never really expected to see me with fake tattoo sleeves on and things like that. I’m more of an instructional teacher.”

You could say Mr. Coffey channeled his inner Axel Rose. He said it’s some kind of wonderful to see the students so spirited.

Coffey said, “One good thing about Parry McCluer High School, and especially Buena Vista, is the kids here are great, but they’re also very passionate and they’re very passionate about everything they do. It can be athletics or academics, they really work hard.”

And nailing an authentic look was definitely something they worked hard toward.

Varsity Cheerleader Jenny Ramsey explained how her outfit came together, saying, “I used Pinterest and Google a lot, and saw pictures and then I kind of just pieced things together.”

And soon after washing off this week’s blue eye shadow, they’ll be footloose on the dance floor Saturday.

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