It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Dog Day

Friday marks the 26th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Created by Pet Sitters International, the event is meant to “celebrate the great companions dogs make and promote their adoptions.”

Since it’s first celebration in 1999, Take Your Dog to Work Day has expanded to accommodate cat lovers, and any other pet parents.

Here’s seven tips for Taking Your Dog to Work on Friday:

1. Come prepared – “Make sure you have bowls for water and food, as well as dog treats on hand,” Townshend advised. He said employees shouldn’t forget to bring a leash and collar for each dog and a carrier for their cats. (Take Your Dog to Work Day is extended to other pets in many workplaces.)

2. Respect boundaries – Townshend wrote that if you bring pets to work you should “be aware of and respect your colleague’s boundaries.” Some of your co-workers may be allergic to pet dander. Others might not feel comfortable around pets. “Make sure your pet does not stray from your immediate workspace or the designated boundaries,” he wrote.

3. Make sure your canine can cope with “cube life” – Keeping your pet in your cubicle is a good way for your dog to remain in a designated area. “As people get up and move around for meetings or casual conversations, make sure your dog is not distracted by noises and starts to wander into others’ cubes or the kitchen area,” Townshend wrote.

4. Have a backup plan – Not every dog will warm to the workplace. Some will become agitated or anxious, so Townshend said pet owners should have backup plans allowing them to leave the office. “A quick trip down the exit stairwell for fresh air and a bathroom break could ward off a larger disruption,” he advised.  “Anxious dogs in the office will only lead to other visiting pets becoming distracted.”

5. Properly discard of lunches  – Many dogs like foraging for food in garbage cans. Assume Fido will consider the wastebaskets under desks at the office or the trash receptacle in the break room as good places to grab a snack — especially after lunch.

“(T)he office should relocate any easy-to-reach trash bins to avoid prying pooches,” Townshend advises. “If possible, all trash should be disposed in trash bins with lids to avoid any potential trash bin raids.”

6. Make sure your pet plays well with others – It is likely that you won’t be the only one at your job bringing a pet to work. Some dogs would do fine if they were the only canine in the office. Add a few more, and perhaps some cats, and circumstances could change dramatically. Have an accurate sense of what the workplace atmosphere will be, and determine whether it is a good fit for your pet. “In the same regard, make sure your pet is friendly with other humans, too,” Townshend wrote. “You do not want a dog in the office that gets agitated with strangers or with other pets.”

7. Make sure your workplace is observing the holiday – Just because Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day doesn’t mean your employer will approve of your pet tagging along with you to the office. In fact, the poll, conducted by ORC International on behalf of Wellness Natural Pet Food, found that nearly half of respondents wished they could bring their pets to work, but only 12 percent were allowed to do so.

We want to see photos of the dogs that are bringing joy to your workplaces!

Email your dog photos to or Tweet/Instagram us using the hashtags #TakeYourDog and #WSLS. We may use your photos in a gallery on our website!

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