What we learned from Tuesday’s NFL Media Day ” Barrel Boy Steals the Show”

What we learned from Tuesday's NFL Media Day " Barrel Boy Steals the Show" (Image 1)
What we learned from Tuesday's NFL Media Day " Barrel Boy Steals the Show" (Image 1)

 PHOENIX , AZ (WSLS 10 SPORTS) What can we take from Tuesday’s Media Day?  Most of the attention from deflate-gate has since been shifted to a more predictable but exciting  start to media day with Marshawn Lynch’s usual antics with the reporters.   Bill Belichick’s  also continues to  dismiss any questions that aren’t focusing on the big game with Seattle this Sunday.

 Here is what else we learned from Tuesday’s media day thus far.

From the Patriots we learned:

  • Tom Brady will be playing in his sixth Super Bowl on Sunday.  Brady has won three and lost two. His most noteworthy appearance was Super Bowl XLII against the New York Giants which ended an almost perfect season  (18-1)  by a score of 14-17 in favor of the Giants. 
  • Bill Belichick continues to be short with reporters and when asked if he has any advice for aspiring young coaches he was then quoted as saying,  “I’m just trying to coach my team. I’m not trying to run anybody else’s life.”
  •  Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels made it clear that he wants another shot at a head coaching position after this season. McDaniels previously coached  the  Denver Broncos in 09′ and was fired halfway between the 10′ season after finishing 11-17 overall. 
  • Offensive lineman Sebastian Vollmer sparks more of an international  due to him answering most of his press conference question in German
  •  Running back LeGarrette Blount refuses to “bow down” to Seattle’s Legion of Doom defense and says, “I don’t care about them being a top defense, they don’t bother me.  “They were good enough to get here, just like we were good enough to get here. They’re not immortal, they can be beat”.

Seattle we learned:

  • Running back Marshawn Lynch response to twenty-nine different questions by reporters was “I’m just here so I won’t be fined”. 
  • There will be bad blood between players who defensive coordinator Dan Quinn who will be the Falcons new head coach this upcoming season. Seattle players have said that “Quinn is a mastermind, a great player’s coach who inspires fierce loyalty”.
  • Defensive lineman Michael Bennett steals the show with his humorous comments while wearing a cowboy hat. He is quoted saying that he wants Rick Ross to headline the Super Bowl halftime show. He respects his defensive coordinator because he likes to “drop his lower extremities in big games.” 

Other notables was for media Day was Eric Gruneisen better known as “Barrel boy” became  an overnight media sensation for his choice of  attire which was a black cowboy hat and a large beer barrel. Gruneisen is radio personality for KNIX’s country music station based out of Phoenix, Arizona..

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