Goode dogs ingest holiday toy, require surgery

Goode dogs ingest holiday toy, require surgery (Image 1)
Goode dogs ingest holiday toy, require surgery (Image 1)

GOODE (WSLS 10) – It’s inside Riverside Veterinary Hospital in Goode, Joann Clemenson and her husband visit their 7-month-old Yorkies.

“Yesterday Makenzie started throwing up and ran both threw up a couple of times as well,” Clemenson said.

Her vet took an X-Ray to see what could be causing the sickness.

“This is a little dog that got into some toys,” said veterinarian Lora Ryan as she points out pieces of a dog toy she found packed in both dog’s stomachs.

“We’re looking at his stomach and some pieces throughout here. A little bit made it through the intestines.”

Joann says she never imagined toys she bought in pre-stuffed stockings from a discount retailer for dogs she considers her babies, would cause so much harm.

“Especially tennis balls because McKenzie loves those she’ll chase them and bring them back to you,” Clemenson explained.

This is all that’s left of one ball, what Makenzie and Rambo didn’t ingest. Dr. Ryan says its all too common this time of year.

“Typically there’s more toys being bought for our pets they want to chew on more. They see Christmas trees, ornaments and think oh, let me play with that.”

The lesson, she says, is “If you have a puppy you’ve got to learn them. I would get something that’s one piece not a bunch of parts, not big eyes or stuff they can chew off easily and never leave them unattended. One little hole can lead to the destruction of the whole toy or more holes so definitely take it away.”

Clemenson set up a gofundme page to get help paying the nearly $3000 vet bill. She says checks can also be mailed to Riverside Veterinary Hospital with Makenzie and Rambo written in the memo line.

Clemenson is grateful the cost isn’t worse.

“She told us if we would have waited to bring them in for an appointment they would have died.”

She hopes to bring her dogs home Friday.

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