Giles Baby Store asks for help providing diapers, clothes to low-income families

Giles Baby Store asks for help providing diapers, clothes to low-income families (Image 1)
Giles Baby Store asks for help providing diapers, clothes to low-income families (Image 1)

GILES (WSLS) – The Giles Baby Store is asking for the community’s help to provide low-income families with baby and children’s clothes and supplies. 

The Giles Baby Store works with the Children’s Health Improvement Program (CHIP) to assist low-income families with children up to age 7 and pregnant women with diapers, clothes, bottles and other necessities as well as access to medical and dental services and act as a link to other human service organizations/providers in the NRV.

The Giles Baby Store says it is completely stocked by donations from the community and gives parents in need and their children items they would not otherwise get, free of charge.

Operators of the Giles Baby Store say supplies of necessary items are running low, especially cold weather items. They are asking members of the community to donate the following items: 

  • Winter items such as warm clothes/sleepers, socks and coats
  • Diapers – Sizes: 3 month – 2 toddler & 3 toddler – 5 toddler

These items can be delivered to the store in person or it may be possible for them be picked up. The Giles location is underneath the Pearisburg Public Library (209 Fort Branch Road, Pearisburg). If no one is available, they can be left with the library staff upstairs.

CHIP services, provided by a nurse and a home visitor team, include helping families make and keep appointments and follow physician recommendations, educational home visits, parenting education, helping families set and reach personal and family goals, transportation to medical and dental appointments, medical case management, and referrals to other community-based services to help meet the multifaceted needs of families. All services emphasize prevention and early intervention.

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