Living with Lindee: Beautiful DIY Summer Hair

Our lifestyle expert Lindee shares some simple and elegant summer hair styles using Goody products you can do yourself! See step by step instructions below and check out The Lindee Tree for more on these and other great DIY ideas.

Milk Maid Braids 
Part hair in the middle and make a ponytail on each side.
Braid to the end and band the ends with elastic.
Pin the braids to cross over using bobby pins.
Add a Goody Hair accessories to each side.
The “Frozen” Inspired Braid.
This braid was inspired by Disney’s popular movie “Frozen.” Instead of the twist, I used an inverted french braid. Using the braid seems to keep the hairdo more secure. Especially for younger girls. 
Part hair on the side.
Start making an inverted french braid on the fuller side.
Continue to pull hair into the braid while keeping braid low to the nape of the neck.
When you come right below the ear, stop the braid and band hair into a pony tail.
Twist the remaining hair into a bun and pin with bobby pins.
Add a Goody Hair accessory. 
Goody has a wide variety of headbands. Stretchy bands for athletic hair, silky bands for a dressier look, lacy bands, classic bands…etc. You can easily add headbands to short hair to dress it up or long hair. With longer hair you can add a headband to braids, ponytails, french twists, etc. 
The “Donut” Bun
I love the mesh donuts. They are the easiest way to create a full bun. This mesh bun is not from Goody, but the hair accessory and bobby pins are. 
 Create a high pony tail with a goody hair band.
 Pull mesh bun to the base of the pony tail
 Find center of ponytail and then spread hair over the bun.
Secure hair with Goody bobby pins

Double Bun
Super easy, and super pretty! 
Create two ponytails. One on top of the other.
Twist bottom ponytail first into a bun and then secure it using Goody bobby pins.
Twist the top ponytail into a bun and again, secure it using bobby pins.
Add Goody hair accessory.

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