Tips from sex offender website help state police

ABC confirms investigation on 202 Market for striptease performance (Image 1)
ABC confirms investigation on 202 Market for striptease performance (Image 1)

Several investigations in the past several weeks have helped state police in arrests.

One recently happened at the Shining Star Family Center. Police arrested James Floyd who they said had been at the family center. The case is still under investigation.

Tena Kuehn, a parent, says she checks the website frequently and says it’s her job as a parent. But even years after using it, she says some people she’s clicked on still surprise her, one most recently involving Shining Star Family Center in Roanoke.

“When we started to hear about it we were like what?” says Kuehn. “I can’t believe it.”

Police got a tip about Floyd from another person who checks the sex offender website. In fact, several tips over the years have come from information there.

“I think we get a lot of tips, because people are surprised when they go on the website and they either see people who live in their neighborhood or they see people who are on there,” says Sgt. Robert Carpentieri.

However even with tips, Sgt. 
says more people need to go on the website.

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