Using Facebook to Choose New Glasses

Using Facebook to Choose New Glasses (Image 1)
Using Facebook to Choose New Glasses (Image 1)

I felt like I had beaten the system. 

A little more than ten years ago, people started telling me I would need eye glasses, “any time now.”  The years came and went, but my vision was just fine.

Well, that time arrived.  I hated to admit it, but I was relying more and more on my drug store readers.   And those billboards along the highway just weren’t as sharp as they once were.  So long to the 20-10 vision I once bragged about.  (I still do – only now it’s about how good my vision USED to be.)

Next step, choose glasses.  There are two schools of thought.  Choose frames that essentially “disappear” on your face, or chose something that makes a statement.

Since I was clueless as to which was best, I asked you to help me decide on the WSLS Facebook page.  And you responded in near record numbers. 

I narrowed the selection down to three, an inexpensive choice, one where the glasses “disappeared” on my face, and a more fashionable but clearly bolder option.

I was overwhelmed by the variety of opinions, and the sheer number of people who took the time to weigh in.  The last time I looked, there were more than 1500 comments. Thanks! 

I was hoping a clear winner would emerge, or one of the arguments for/against a certain style would ring so true that it would make the decision for me.  In the end, there was no consensus and no argument so persuasive that I had to go that direction. 

If there was a clear loser among the voting however, it was the selection I chose.  I feel really bad about that. 

I went with the frames that made more of a statement.  In my defense, the people who know me best, also chose those frames.  Friends and family felt like these were the ones that at least fit my personality.  (I’m not exactly a wall flower.)

I haven’t  sorted it out completely – but my thinking goes something like this: 

“The most popular choice is defined as the “mainstream” selection.  Mainstream equals average.  I don’t want to be average, so I chose these.”

Does that make sense? 

If a vast majority of you had said, “You look fantastic” in response to any one of the choices – I might have gone that way.   With no clear path via the crowd-sourced opinion, I went with my gut.

Alas – I have new glasses.  You won’t see them on the news, but you might on Facebook or behind-the-scenes pictures. 

For what it’s worth, I really hope you like them.

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