Snow Plow Driver Rescues Couple Stuck in Snowstorm With Baby on the Way


MONTGOMERY COUNTY (WSLS 10) – Wednesday, February 12 started like any other snow day from the last twenty six years working with Montgomery Sanitation. The company is Tim Conner’s family business in Christiansburg. The most recent winter snow storm would end up being the worst snow storm we have seen since 1996.

Conner explains how the events unfolded on that day.

“We were on Route 460 heading back toward town and there was a van stuck and a lady standing out in the street.”

That lady was Ariana Wyatt. She was in labor. On the way to New River Valley Medical Center she and her husband Ben got stuck in a snow bank. Ben thought their all wheel drive mini-van would make it.

He says, “I tested it out in the cul-de-sac and it felt like we were going to be fine.”

Ariana explains, “There was one of those traffic signs that said I-81 was congested and to seek alternate routes.”

Tim Conner came across the couple after plowing nearby parking lots. He says, “We stopped and asked them if they needed any help and she definitely said she needed some help she was in labor.”

Baby Henry is home and healthy. The couple wanted to deliver at Carilion Clinic’s New River Valley Medical Center because of special circumstances of the pregnancy. The trip became journey among strangers.

Conner says, “Really there was no good way. It was really bad that night. I just decided that we would throw them in the plow truck and take them.”

Ariana adds, “He drove us there and took all of these back roads that I didn’t know about.”

Conner fills in the trip details, “It was really rough we were dropping the plow just trying to plow our way through and our windows were freezing up.”

Ariana has a similar account of the night, “The snow was coming down so hard at the time. They really had to plow it. They literally plowed us there the whole way.”

After a tricky trip over Mud Pike Road, Tim was able to get Ariana and Ben to the hospital safely. Thursday at 6:00 PM henry was born, 9 lbs 6 ounces. The experience was exciting for everyone, including his big brother Charlie. The Wyatt family is forever grateful to Tim.

He says, “I am just always ready to help people when they need it and try not to be too busy to do that. I didn’t do anything anybody else wouldn’t have done. I felt like that was their best option to get there.”

When Ariana and Ben Wyatt realized they were about to give birth to Baby Henry it was after 9:00 PM on Wednesday during what turned out to be our areas biggest snowstorm in years. The couple set out to New River Valley Medical Center in hopes of making it safely by taking main roads in their all wheel drive van. When they realized part of I-81 was closed, they took a detour that landed them stuck in a snowdrift.

While in labor Ariana flagged down a car and snow plow driver while her husband was trying to get the vehicle free.

Ariana says, “The people who stopped were so nice and helped us get our vehicle free. When I asked the best way to the hospital, the snow plow driver said we wouldn’t be able to make it in our van. He offered to drive us. He basically, plowed the roads the whole way there.”

Henry George was one of 11 babies born at New River Valley Medical Center during the storm.

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