Are you snow macho?

Are you snow macho? (Image 1)
Are you snow macho? (Image 1)

Are you Snow Macho?

Do you know anyone who fits this profile?

Management here at WSLS-10 graciously reserved hotel rooms for staff members who might not be able to get home during the recent snowstorm.  Since this turned out to be the third highest snow accumulation since the National Weather Service started keeping records, that turned out to be a lot of people. 

But not me.   I’m snow macho.

A lot of people don’t understand this mentality.  Me vs. the snow. 

Our news director, Melissa Stacy, asked me if I would be taking advantage of the hotel rooms.  It went something like this:

News Dir:  Are you going to use the hotel room?

Me: Hell no!  I’d run home first.

News Dir: Well excuse me!  Sorry I asked.


She didn’t understand the snow macho personality quirk.

What she heard:  “John is ungrateful for all the effort the station is making to ensure his safety and ability to do his job and inform the public.” 

What I meant: “I am tougher than snow.  Any amount of snow.  I am a man.  I will not let snow deter me from going home and sleeping in my own bed.  I have a powerful 4WD vehicle with large tires and Mother Nature will not best me.”  I’m snow macho.

Thankfully, her husband had essentially the same response about driving in the snow.  Our operations Director who drives a bigger, badder 4wd than me, said the same thing.  He loves to bounce off snowbanks and ram his way home – to the point some staff would sooner walk than ride with him.

Those of us who are snow macho smugly declare that hotels are for lesser people.   We snow macho types justify our big trucks/suv’s year round, so that once every four years, when the region receives 20+ inches of snow, we can go out and best it by busting through snowbanks, towing out stranded motorists and getting home without staying in hotels.

I, of course, grew up in central New York.  The plow companies once tested their latest innovations near my home because there was always more snow there, than anywhere.  Drifts four feet tall in front of my garage were called, “Wednesday.”  So I guess I come by my holier-than-thou-in-the-snow naturally.

I’m sure it’s annoying, too.

If it makes you feel any better, though I did get home – I got stuck three times. 
Here’s a video of my trip to work. CLICK HERE


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