Anchor Games and Sequins

Anchor Games and Sequins (Image 1)
Anchor Games and Sequins (Image 1)

Sequins are not my thing.

I wanted to get that off my chest right away.  Yet tonight at six and/or eleven p.m. depending upon your viewing habits, you will see me wearing a sequin tie on top of a sequin shirt with a red coat reminiscent of the circus ring master.  All of this you will see, as I attempt to figure skate with my 11 p.m. co-anchor Lindsey Ward as part of what we are calling the Anchor Games.

The figure skating comes on the heels of Monday’s ice hockey competition, where Virginia Tech’s hockey team assisted us with gear and training, followed on Tuesday, and Wednesday by skiing and snowboarding respectively at the Homestead.

If you saw the snowboarding segment you know how hopeless it was for both of us.  I appreciate any of you who watched.  After all, risking life and limb for a laugh ought to at least gain us the appreciation of a few viewers!

Which brings me back to figure skating.  Lindsey surprised me with a bag full of clothes she gathered at a local costume shop.  I figured, “what the heck?”  Thankfully, all of these items are to be worn above the waist.  Not sure why – but if she had pulled a pair of tights out of that bag…

What is surprising is how much I enjoyed the figure skating.   John Carlow and Tatiana Payne are the instructors at Liberty.  John is a former junior national champion and Tatiana has a resume a mile long and to my eyes could easily be in Sochi competing.   Watching them  do their thing right in front of us was a real treat. 

They made it look so easy.  Then they said, “Now you try it.”

That’s where the real appreciation happens.

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