Carlin Chronicles: Lawnmower Racing

Carlin Chronicles: Lawnmower Racing (Image 1)
Carlin Chronicles: Lawnmower Racing (Image 1)

I just have to start out by saying how much fun it was to ride on a lawnmower that travels at highway speeds.

My story today focuses on Benny Gilbert, whom I have dubbed the Richard Petty of lawnmower racing.  He has won everything there is to win and now fields his own team.

Benny kinda looks the part.  He has a healthy beard and a country accent.  He walks the walk, talks the talk, and well, races the mowers like no one else.

“I got in the sport on account of I got with a group of people that raced mowers,” he told me when I asked him how he became a grandfather of the sport.

Not only does he have his own team, but he has a Facebook Page and there is a web site that tracks standings and offers a calendar of events.

I took my camera along and created a photo gallery of pictures from Benny’s place just outside of Fries, VA.  There he has a house, and his small shop where he devotes all of his time to lawnmower racing.

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