First day at Redskins Training Camp 2013

First day at Redskins Training Camp 2013 (Image 1)
First day at Redskins Training Camp 2013 (Image 1)

If there is any doubt that we live in a culture dominated by sports, put it to rest. Here in Richmond at the brand new Redskins Training Camp facility. Wow.

Not only is the venue beautiful and well done, with training fields you could putt a golf ball on, and a gorgeous building to house the ‘Skins players, coaches, training staff and even the media, but the location behind the Science Museum on West Broad Street is convenient and on what must be prime real estate.

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But the most amazing part of all is the number of people. The ‘Skins PR staff told me yesterday that they are getting about four thousand people attending morning walk through sessions, and ten thousand or more attending the actual practices in the afternoon. These are massive numbers compared to what the Redskins saw at their previous facility in Ashburn.

They are also massive numbers when you consider that this is to watch the Redskins practice.

Four thousand people in the morning to watch these guys, like, stretch?

I’m not being critical. Heck, I’m kinda anxious to see it myself.

So we are here to cover all of this.

If there is one thing on everyone’s mind it’s RG3, the Redskins star quarterback. He has assumed mega-star status. It’s safe to say that camp is RG3, and everything else. If you took away all the fields, the new building and the media and had Robert Griffin III stand in the middle of a sand lot, ten thousand people would still show up.

Our sports reporter Jonathan Merryman is interviewing players, and will be handling the stories about who is hurt, who might make the team, how are the players from Virginia Tech and Virginia making out etc.

My job will be the big picture. I’m not qualified to go over the X’s and O’s of NFL football. I am just a fan with the unparalleled access that goes with a media pass and an urge to tell you all about it.

I also have my trusty Canon with me, so look for lots of pictures. If nothing else, between now and Friday I want one awesome shot of RG3. Hey, I’m caught up in it too.

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