Morgan Harrington case, 2005 Fairfax abduction linked

Morgan Harrington case, 2005 Fairfax abduction linked (Image 1)
Morgan Harrington case, 2005 Fairfax abduction linked (Image 1)

By Wsls News Staff

5:49 p.m.

By Meagan Farley
WSLS at 7 p.m. Anchor

ROANOKE CO. – Gil Harrington met with investigators Thursday about her daughter Morgan's murder. She and her husband are convinced the suspect in a 2005 abduction and sexual assault in Fairfax, killed their daughter.

“How does your DNA happen to be on a dead girl? DNA doesn't land like rain on a dead girl,” said Gil.

State Police believe the suspect in the 2005 case did have contact with Morgan, but they're aren't sure to what extent.

The Harrington's say they've known about this connection for a few weeks, but police weren't ready to release it.

“We understood the reasons the information needed to be held but it was frustrating because we know there is a murderer out there,” said Dan Harrington.

He also says emotions have switched to anger now with the revelation of the link with the Fairfax case, and the composite sketch from it.

Police are hoping now someone will recognize the man in the sketch. Dan and Gil Harrington believe this turn in the case is the one they needed to figure out who killed Morgan.

“Our chances of an arrest and conviction in this case have increased astronomically and we are so glad for that,” the Harrington's added.


4:26 p.m.

By WSLS News Staff

RICHMOND – In an interview with several Richmond television stations, State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said that investigators re-looked at all of the surveillance video from John Paul Jones Arena and surrounding convenience stores after making the Fairfax case connection. However, investigators did not find anything that could help them.

Geller added that investigators also checked all federal, state, and local crime databases for possible connections, and did not come up with any new leads, following the Fairfax case connection.


3:41 p.m.

By WSLS News Staff

ROANOKE – The Associated Press is reporting that the 2005 case from Fairfax involved a 26-year-old woman was walking home from a grocery store, when a man grabbed her from behind, carried her to the pool area of a townhouse complex, and sexually assaulted her.

“Before today, there was the abstraction of a murderer that killed our daughter, but now that you see a face with it, it makes you very angry,” Dan Harrington told the AP. “The anger that I have has kind of been multiplied because I now see a face of someone who did this to another human being,” he added.

The AP also reports that Gil Harrington posted comments on the family's website, warning her daughter's killer that his luck would run out.

“That corpse will not rest. Morgan wants justice,” Gil Harrington wrote to the “monster” who killed her daughter. “A day of reckoning is coming!”


3:34 p.m.

By Meagan Farley
WSLS at 7 p.m. Anchor

ROANOKE CO. – Dan and Gil Harrington tell me that the “forensic evidence” that State Police have is DNA. A State Police trooper who met with the couple at their Roanoke County home Thursday afternoon would not confirm what the forensic evidence link is.

The Harringtons also said State Police had previously told them about the forensic evidence link before it was publicly revealed, and they understood why investigators chose to hold back on releasing it.


12:13 p.m.

By Meagan Farley
WSLS at 7 p.m. Anchor

ROANOKE – I asked State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller if she could claify what the “forensic evidence” link was, either DNA or something else. I also asked Geller if State Police are ready to release the cause of death for Harrington.

Geller said in an e-mail that she could not elaborate on either of my questions.


11:42 a.m.

ROANOKE – State Police say they've made a link between the killing of Morgan Harrington, and an unsolved abduction and sexual assault in Fairfax from 2005.

According to a news release sent out Thursday morning, State Police say forensic evidence found during the investigation into the disappearance and death of the Roanoke County Virginia Tech student Harrington, confirmed the link to the Fairfax case.

Investigators say the woman who was attacked in the Fairfax case, was able to give them a description of her attacker. That description helped a police sketch artist come up with a drawing of the suspected attacker.

The wanted poster from the 2005 Fairfax case is below. Troopers advise that the suspect may have changed his appearance during the past five years.

State Police ask anyone with information about the Fairfax case to call Fairfax Police Detective Mike Boone at (703) 385-7959.

State Police say if you have information about Morgan Harrington's disappearance or killing, to call them at (434) 352-3467 or email State Police at The more than $150,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in Harrington's death is still being offered.

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